A day in the life of a goat-milking, chicken-ranching, child-chasing mother of three small humans.

A day in the life of a goat-milking, chicken-ranching, child-chasing mother of three small humans.


It all started when...

Life in small-town South Texas can be just as hectic if you let it. Between work, three smallish humans thinking they need to eat every single day, homework, have-to-do’s, farm chores, hobbies, and mandatory coffee/wine breaks life will suck your time and energy faster than a 2 year-old hopped up on Mountain Dew riding a flying turtle. Some things had to go. The man of the house and I were yearning for a simpler way of life. So our path went something along these lines. Buy chickens. Check. Ditch the cable and the idea that we "needed" to watch certain shows every week. Check. Grow enough food to feed three families of Duggars. Check. Limit/eliminate after-school whatevers. Check. Find a way to make a living doing something I'm passionate about. Check. Quit the day job. Check.

Currently, we’ve got anywhere from 40-80 fine feathered ladies roaming around debugging the yard at all times. We’re also graced with several goats including many magnificent milky ladies with names like Charlotte, Sarah, and Annabeth who kindly give us more milk than we can shake a stick at. The Overeasy Chickenranch is also home to four worthless dogs, two pet turkeys, a guinea who adopted us,  and 8 cats including one very ridiculous cat named Bobby. AKA FatCatBobbyWag 'cause he's a baller.

How did I get into making soap you ask? Necessity. We do like the old timers do and make due. We make/grow/raise just about everything else, so why not soap? I had been buying handmade goat milk soap from a lady who sold it at a Market Days (outdoor shopping) nearby. Market Days is only once a month ‘round here and she didn’t show up two months in a row. I know - the nerve of this lady to have something else to do that day. Just kidding.....sort of.

My #1 has got ridiculously sensitive skin that breaks out in a full-body rash when coming in contact with common chemicals that most of us can tolerate. Since goat milk soap is all she can use, goat milk soap was gettin’ made.  My recipe is simple and wholesome. Our life is simple. Our home is simple.

And so it began, and so it goes.


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