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Goat Milk Laundry Soap, 40 loads


Hey there, why not be the coolest person you know? I mean, how many people can say they wash their dirties in goat soap?

This is the laundry soap we've been using for years. After trying all the "Free & Clear," "baby," and "sensitive" laundry soaps out there with zero success, this is the only soap that hasn't broken out our daughter's sensitive skin.

The "One Perfect Scent" has a pleasant soapy smell that comes from mixing up about 20 different scents of goat milk soap. No two batches are gonna smell exactly alike.

The "Unscented" is made from pure 100% All Natural, Plain goat milk soap. There is absolutely no added fragrance.

There are only three main ingredients in this stain-fighting soap: goat milk soap, borax, and washing soda. The goat milk soap itself is made of raw goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), fragrance, castor oil, and mica. 

This soap is ideal for use on children's and babies' laundry, but feel free to use it on anything that needs cleaning. I wash my husband's Wranglers in it and he's a farmer and a rancher. You can use your imagination to think of all the nastiness that gets on those tight jeans. Free tip - when washing manure off jeans, use a presoak cycle!

Washes approximately 40 regular loads of laundry. Comes with a scoop. Safe for HE washers, just use a bit less.

This makes a great addition to any baby shower gift!

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Laundry Soap Lifestyle.jpg