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GreenAir CarScent Diffuser

  • Aroma on the Move – Diffusers vaporize essential oils for aromatherapy. While these are generally used in studios, offices, and at home, GreenAir now offers a compact diffuser that plugs into your vehicles 12V socket. BPA Free.

  • Transformative Aroma Therapy – Instead of the chemical smell of air fresheners, the GreenAir CarScent will help freshen your senses and prepare you for a new day on the job.

  • Innovative Waterless Technology – The GreenAir CarScent Essential Oil Diffuser has a silent internal fan and does NOT require any water, meaning there won’t be any splashed or spills.

  • Easy to Use – The GreenAir CarScent is designed to alieve headaches, not cause them. It features easy pull-out access for quick and effortless oil application. Just add a few drop and plug back in.

  • Economic – Not only is this diffuser easy to use and hassle free, it is also extremely affordable and built to last, day in and day out.

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