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Pottymints - White Embossed Display Box w/54 mints


The Embossed Box Set comes with 54 individually wrapped POTTYMINTS, and a beautiful display box meant to sit out in the bathroom. It includes a mix of the La Fleur, fragrance - a modern, sophisticated floral with notes of citrus, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood, and Arancia di Capri, a sensual scent that combines fresh citrus notes with juicy nectarine and hints of caramel and our *NEW* Evergreen & Currant, tart and sweet with notes of red currant and subtle grapefruit, coupled with lavender, rose and fir. 

Product Details

  • Non-Toxic

  • Septic Tank Safe

  • Dissolves Clear

  • Fragrance Will Last Approx. 2-3 Flushes

  • Non-toxic, even if your dogs drinks the toilet water

  • Travel-friendly

  • Made in the USA

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