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Reed Diffuser Home Fragrance

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We’ve listened to the repeated requests our customers have been dropping for years and have finally made a home fragrance! Reed diffusers are a safer option than candles for filling small spaces with your favorite fragrance. For an even bigger impact, place your diffuser in front of or behind a small fan. Use with caution at work: your desk will assuredly get a lot more traffic.

Reed Diffuser Kit contains: 10 extra-thick reeds, 8oz bottle of diffuser liquid, 8oz apothecary bottle, instructions

Also available: 8oz bottles of reed diffuser refills (just the black plastic bottle)
When you need more, but don’t see the need to buy a whole setup. This is definitely the greener option to keep a good thing going and going and going…….. See where I’m going with this?

Available in 5 best selling fragrances

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Reed Diffuser Grouping.jpg
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