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Therapeutic Skin Salve

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Got skin? You need this! Got kids? You need this. Got man-hands? You need this. I've seen scars diminished in a matter of two weeks, rashes healed within 48 hours, and severe eczema inflamed skin normalize in a matter of days. This is the only thing we use in our house for eczema, scratches, don't know's, and any other manner of weirdness. It works and you need it.

Made of 100% all-natural ingredients: coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, vitamin E, and essential oils of lavender, melaleuca, thyme, geranium and frankincense.

If you didn't already know, frankincense is the king of all essential oils. It heals, it kills germs and bacteria, it disappears things. And if it was good enough for baby Jesus, its good enough for me!

2oz reusable glass jar,
.33oz plastic pot (purse size), or
.1oz snap cap pot (sample)

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 I got this in Rockport before Hurricane Harvey. At Bella la Rue! I took it with me as we evacuated from the coast for a very angry psoriatic rash on my feet. It was miserable. I could barely walk. This stuff calmed the cracked skin and blisters during my flare and helped me get through a very hard month! - Beckey Boyd Gooden

It helps my acne and I think it is brightening my stretch marks! - Braden Willoughby

I am using this right now on Miss Kinley's bottom. She is teething and her stool when she is teething always gives her the worst rash. One application of this salve and the rash is gone, completely. - Melanie Wehmeyer

 I have thin skin and I have been using this on the bruising and cuts I get and noticed it has also cured my dry skin around my nails and some scars I have. Plus I love the smell of this salve. - Judy Brown

This is a must have in my diaper bag and hand bag! I use this on everything from a bug bite to a rash, you name it! It is a miracle in a jar! - Nita Carrizales

 I hav adult acne and I was going to the doctor spending over $100 on visits and face washes nothing really helped then I came across y’all and after one use of y’all face bar, moisturizer,& the salve I could see a different my face has cleared up! I put I the salve on a pimple next day it’s gone! I love y’all stuff. - Whitney Mizell

 Love this product! It has helped to quickly clear up any breakouts, I use it on all my scrapes, works wonders. Also is fantastic for my toes that were really discolored and dry from so much nail polish. - Rachel Reed Sanchez

A dear friend got this for me to assist healing and remediate scarring post skin cancer surgery on my face. Post surgery I went completely natural with my cleanser (another brand) & utilize this as my moisturizer. Not only has the salve helped minimize scarring, the regimen miraculously has cleared up painful adult onset cystic acne (thank you kids) that nothing would fix...years of it. Wrinkles have also diminished & family eczema has been helped. This has been the best gift. I take it with me everywhere I go. Thank you!! - Lindsey Huang

 I had an age spot on my face that is completely gone now with regular use of the salve. I also had a large spot of eczema that I put the salve on and it’s gone now. I love this product so much! - Kimmerie Ellis

Used this salve on my surgical scar from breaking my wrist. ALL my physical therapist kept asking what I was using as they had never seen a scar look this remarkable. No redness and the scar is perfectly flat against the skin. Have to look really hard to see. LOVE this stuff! - Diana Hensley

What dont i use this stuff on? I had Sam just days before Harvey and i ended up with a horrible rash around my underwear line and bra line. Its was due to the heat, hormones, and a sensitivity. I was terrible and painful. Using this really helped with the discomfort and eventually got rid of it. Sam had a horrible heat rash afterwards and it helped soothe it. We use it on everything. - Brianna Hanselman

Therapeutic Salve completely cleared up our son’s warts. We tried everything else and nothing worked. So I figured I would give this a try and it worked perfectly, with no burning or stinging like wart medications! - Stacey DeForest

My husband is in the medical field so is constantly washing his hands so the dryness cracks his knuckles so bad. He uses this stuff and it’s really helped. - Darby Klaus

 I love the salve! I am diabetic and a redhead and my skin gets irritated easily but with the salve it goes right on and keeps me from itching . I bought mine at Buccees along with lotions . - Lucy Brown Branch

 I have found this works great on sunburns. Rub it on like aloe and it heals it faster. Also - diaper rashes. - Jessika McBride

I love this and since I found it, I will always have a jar on hand! All my boys use it as well. - Patty Henry Wallace

 I love this my whole family has their own jar! - Mary Ann Taylor Wade

I used it on (what looks like eczema) my son’s legs. It has just about cleared it up. - Rachel Shaver

 I have used this on cracked skin and cuts. It is wonderful. - Gail Harcrow

I seriously put it on everything from pimples to Boo boos ! This stuff is amazing ! Keep up the great work love all your products !! - Liz Black

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I also use on pretty much everything! (And need to restock soon!) What I mostly use on is my son’s mosquito bites, he’s fixing to be 10 and still gets the bites that welt up into knots but also use when my daughter’s “rash” ( I think it’s a form of eccema but have never had it checked) comes on. Pimples, rashes, bug bites, cuts, scratches, scars- this stuff works for EVERYTHING! - Margie Reyes