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Ugly soaps & Odd bits - bag of soaps


From time to time, we gather up all the wrinkly ends of our loaves of pure goat milk soap and bag them up for the non-discerning customer.

Yes, they are ugly. They are a mixture of 4-5 different scents of soap. No, what you're getting won't be listed on your bag. It's a surprise! No, you do not get to choose what's in your bag. Like my #3's Pre-K teacher says, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." 

The only thing you're guaranteed is 20oz of great goat milk soap. These ugly bars are great for traveling or taking to the gym when you don't want to sacrifice your skin for the sake of not taking a $7 bar of soap and accidentally leaving it behind. Also great for shredding up and making your own laundry soap. (Hint - this is where we come up with the soap for our 40oz bags of laundry soap)

Limited time only as there are only so many ugly ends to go around.

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Ugly Soaps and Odd Bits (1 of 1).jpg